KNEC baking technology course information,qualification and careers

Craft in baking technology(TEP) and craft in baking technology(TVET)

Craft in baking technology(TEP/TVET) is a KNEC course under technical education programme(TEP/TVET). This is a 2 year craft course that aims to impact learners with technical skills in baking. Students seeking to undertake this course should be in a possession of a minimum KNEC qualification of KCSE mean grade D(plain) OR pass in related relevant artisan course. Careers in craft in baking technology includes self employment and employment in baking industries.

Diploma in baking technology(TVET)

Diploma in baking technology(TVET) is a KNEC course under technical and vocational education training(TVET). This is a 3 year course that aims to further practical baking technology knowledge by incorporating more skills that helps learners in coming up with more diverse baked products. Qualification to pursue diploma in baking technology is KCSE Mean grade C- (Minus) OR pass in relevant artisan course or any other qualification that KNEC may approve. Career opportunities in diploma in baking technology includes self employment and getting employed in hotels and baking industries.

KNEC baking technology past papers