Business education single and group course information,qualification and careers

Business education single and group certificate(BES and GC) is a KNEC course under BES& GC).This course has three levels namely certificate stage 1,cerificate stage 2 and certificate stage 3 and each level takes approximately one year to complete.To pursue this course, you ought to have completed KCPE or have any other qualification that has been approved by KNEC. To proceed to next stage on this course,you ought to have obtained a minimum of pass in your previous level. Successful graduates of this course can proceed to any related business course of their choice.Careers on Business education single and group includes; copy typist,sales persons, clerical officers, shorthand typist,Human resource assistants, secretarial assistants, clerical officer, personal secretaries, executive secretaries and human resource officers.

Business education single and group past papers
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