KNEC civil engineering course information,qualification and careers

Civil engineering Diploma is a KNEC course under Technical Education programme(TEP) and Technical, Industrial,Vocational and Entrepreneurship programme(TIVET) that aims to Equip learners with technical skills in Building and construction. Qualification to pursue Diploma in KNEC civil engineering is minimum KCSE mean grade of C-(minus).This is a 3 year course and students are required to have a good mathematics and Physics knowledge. Career opportunities in civil engineering include self employment and getting employed in the ever expanding building and construction industry.

KNEC civil engineering Past papers
Civil engineering course outline and course code

Diploma in civil engineering course outline and course code-Modular

Diploma in Civil engineering module 1
  1. Communication Skills
  2. Life Skills
  3. Information Communication Technology
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Mathematics I
  6. Physical Sciences
  7. Construction Materials
  8. Workshop Technology (Mechanical)
  9. Technical Drawing
  10. Geo-technology I
  11. Concrete Technology I
  12. Construction Plant and Equipment
  13. General Building Construction I
  14. Surveying I
  15. Structures I
Diploma in Civil engineering module 2
  1. Business Plan
  2. Mathematics II
  3. Geo technology II
  4. Concrete Technology II
  5. Workshop Technology (Electrical)
  6. General Building Construction II
  7. Structures II
  8. Surveying II
  9. Measurement of Building and Civil
  10. Engineering Works
  11. Estimating and Costing I
  12. Construction Management I
  13. Water Supply
  14. Transport Engineering I
  15. Civil Engineering Construction and
  16. Design
  17. Civil Engineering Project Design
Diploma in Civil engineering module 3
  1. Mathematics III
  2. Transport Engineering II
  3. General Building Construction III
  4. Surveying III
  5. Structures III
  6. Construction Management II
  7. Estimating and Costing II
  8. Civil Engineering Drawing (CAD)
  9. Civil Engineering Project Design
Diploma in Civil engineering Non-modular course outline
  1. Mathematics-301
  2. Survey-302
  3. Structures-303
  4. Soil Mechanics and hydraulics-304
  5. Measurement estimating and costing-305
  6. Civil engineering Construction and draughting-306
  7. Project(a) Trade (b) Entrepreneurship-307