Industrial Organisation And Management past paper

Exam Year:2007

1 (a) Explain the followings types of organization structure.
(i) Line
(ii) Functional(4marks)
(b) List SIX advantages of Management By Objectives (MBO).(6marks)
(c) Discuss any FIVE problems that confront a project manager in trying to ensure project completion an schedule.(10marks)

2 (a) Explain any FOUR functions of managements.(8marks)
(b) List FOUR merits and THREE demerits of organization structure.(7marks)
(c) (i) Define “Delegation”.
(ii) Outline any THREE advantages of delegation.(5marks)

3 (a) (i) Define price elasticity of demand.<br. (ii) List any SIX factors that determine the demand for a product
(b) (i) Explain any FOUR factors that led to failure of barter trade.
(ii) Outline any FOUR characteristics of money.(12marks)

4 (a) (i) Sate any THREE functions of the International Monetary Fund.
(ii) Explain;
(i) Elasticity of supply.
(ii) Giffen goods.(7marks)

(b) (i) Draw a supply curve and explain its significance .
(ii) State any THREE factors leading to a successful sale of a product.(7marks)
(c) Outline SIX differences between financial institutions and commercial banks.(6marks)

5 (a) (i) Explain any FOUR objectives of economic policy of a government.
(ii) State any THREE factors affecting the efficiency of labour in an organization.(11marks)
(b) Discuss any THREE factors of production.(9marks)

6.(a) Explain the law of diminishing marginal utility.(2marks)
(b) (i) Define automation.
(ii) List any FOUR advantages and FOUR disadvantages of b(i).(10marks)
(c)Explain any FOUR advantages of privatization to a developing country like Kenya.(8marks)

7 (a) (i) Define the term “office”
(ii) Explain any THREE functions of an office.(8marks)
(b) describe TWO types of office layout giving TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages of each.(12marks)

8 (a) Explain the following as used in Contract Law:
(i) Executed consideration.
(ii) Executory consideration.
(iii) Warranty(6marks)
(b)Explain FOUR circumstances that may lead to the compulsory winding up of a company.(8marks)
(c) Outline SIX obligations which a business organizations has towards its employees.(6marks)

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