KNEC co-operative management course information,qualification and careers

Co-operative management is a KNEC course under Business Technical and vocational Education and training(BTVET).This course can either be pursued as a certificate or diploma.Those who want to pursue a certificate in this course are required to have a obtained a minimum of D plain in KCSE while those who want to pursue a diploma are required to have obtained a minimum of C- in KCSE. Careers in Co-operative management include Cooperatives Assistant; Cooperatives Officer; SACCO Assistant Manager Cooperatives Assistants and Clerks

Cooperative management course outline and course codes

Diploma in Coo-operative management course outline and codes-(2807)

  1. Co-operative accounting-301
  2. Financial accounting-302
  3. Principles & practice of marketing-303
  4. Co-operative banking-304
  5. Co-operative law-305
  6. Nature of co-operative movement-306
  7. Course specialization & entrepreneurship projects-307


Certificate in Coo-operative management course outline and codes-(1807)

  1. Co-operative and financial accounting-301
  2. Merchandise and transport management-302
  3. Co-operative banking-303
  4. Co-operative law-304
  5. Business administration & environment-305
  6. Course specialization & entrepreneurship projects-306
Knec co-operative management past papers