Exam Year:2012

Nov/Dec 2012
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes



In question ONE choose Only one composition.
Question TWO and THREE are compulsory
Answer ALL the questions in this paper.

1. COMPOSITION (15 marks)


In about 300 words, write a story beginning with the following:

As I walked out of the house that morning, I had a feeling that it was going to be an exciting day…………………………………………….


You have come across an advertisement asking for an Early Childhood Development and Education teacher. Write an application letter for the job.

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

There is a game we used to play as little children. It was a simple game which involved thumbing through a magazine or a book and taking possession of whatever was on each page. We would simply cover the picture, words or space on a page with the hand and shout ‘mine’. It was a favourite pastime because all it required was a stack of books or magazines with pictures.

We would gather all the books or magazines together and go through them one by one. One person would turn over the pages as others waited with hands raised in readiness to grab whatever was on the page and shout ‘mine’. Then we would look at our acquisitions which included buildings, clothes, people, insects, animals, flowers, electrical gadgets and vehicles. We would admire the good ones and openly show our dislike for the ones we considered bad or horrible. The bad ones included insects, spaces or words. Acquiring any of these made one feel cheated as it was not fair to struggle so much only to end up with a useless thing.

When we grew up, we developed a different game which though serious, was very much similar to the childhood one. It involved scrambling and grabbing. It also involved payment for whatever one had acquired as well as documents to prove ownership. Sometimes one grabbed other people’s property and only the court would decide who the rightful owner was.

A friend of mine became so skilful in the game that he sometimes acquired things long before they were known to be available. He actually did it the childhood way – grab it first and then check to see what it is.

One time he was informed of a property for sale at the Coast. He asked many questions but did not wait to get clear answers. The property in question was at the beach near a famous hotel. He instructed his business partner, Mr. Lelo, to buy it for him. When he later went to see his property, he was shocked to find only a public beach. He lost his money and though he went to court, there was nothing the court could do. He was not alone; others had been sold cemeteries, school play grounds, markets, roads etc.

Scrambling and grabbing had become a disease which society had to deal with urgently. Hopefully, the victims learnt their lesson.

a) Briefly explain the differences between the childhood game and the adulthood one.
(4 marks)
b) Why was the childhood game disappointing at times?
(1 mark)
c) Name four things that are considered valuable acquisitions according to the passage.
(2 marks)
d) Explain what is childish about the way the author’s friend acquired property.
(2 marks)
e) State one consequence of grabbing given in the passage.
(1 mark)
f) What evidence is provided in the passage to show that grabbing had become a disease?
(2 marks)
g) In your opinion, what should be done about this disease?
(2 marks)
h) Give the plural of the word ‘mine’. (1 mark)


a) Fill in each of the following blank spaces with the most appropriate preposition. (2 marks)
i) We arrived ………………………….. Nairobi early in the morning.
ii) It has not rained ………………………….. January.

b) Underline the nouns used as subjects in the following sentences. (3 marks)
(i) The donors gave us a lot of money.
ii) Rarely does Jane buy meat.
iii) Into the arena walked the boxer.

c) Join the following pairs of sentences with the correct conjunctions, (2 marks)
i) She wanted money. I did not have money.

ii) It looked like it was going to rain. I carried an umbrella.

d) Use the word in brackets in its correct form to complete each of the following sentences.
(3 marks)
i) Mwikali is the ………………………………….. of the two girls. (tall)

ii) Her remarks ………………………… the teacher. (furious)

iii) Since she arrived late, she got the ………………. Share (little)

e) Punctuate the following sentences correctly.
(3 marks)
i) What long hair you have

ii) Feel at home she told us

iii) She is your friend isn’t she

f) Name 3 factors that should be considered when choosing children’s story books. (3 marks)
g) The following words have been mispelt.
Rewrite them correctly. (4 marks)
i) Occassion

ii) Pronounciation

iii) Proffession

iv) Fulscap