Information studies dissemination of Information November 2014

Exam year:November 2014

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This paper consists of SEVEN questions
Answer question 1 and any other FOUR questions in the spaces provided in this question paper.
All questions carry equal marks.
Candidates should answer the questions in English.

This paper consists of 16 printed pages.
Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that all the pages are printed as indicated and that no questions are missing.

1. A reference Library served the following users over a period of six months;
Month——Number of Users

a) Present the above data in a form of a pie chart.
(6 marks)
b) Make four observations from the pie chart.
(8 marks)
c) Calculate the number of users during the month of April as a percentage of the total number of users served during the six months period.
(6 marks)

2. a) Highlight six methods that may be used to provide Current Awareness Service (CAS) in a special library.
(12 marks)
b) Explain four advantages of conducting user education in an information centre.
(8 marks)
3. a) Highlight six entries that are found in a subject bibliography.
(12 marks)
b) Explain four indicators of poor reference services in a library.
(8 marks)
4. a) Highlight six methods that may be used to carry out user education in a university library.
(12 marks)
b) Explain four reasons for providing Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) in a research library.
(8 marks)

5. a) Highlight the criteria used in evaluating abstracts.
(12 marks)
b) Explain four challenges that may be encountered in providing Current Awareness Service (CAS) in a public library.
(8 marks)
6. a) Highlight six reasons for using different reference sources.
(12 marks)
b) Explain four benefits that may be derived from indexing services in library.
(8 marks)
7. a) Highlight six qualities of a reference librarian.
(12 marks)
b) Explain four factors to consider in evaluating reference source.
(8 marks)

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