Computer Applications I November 2015 past paper

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Exam year:November 2015

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November 2015
Time: 1 hour
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1 hour

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This paper consists of TEN questions.
Answer ALL the questions in the spaces provided on the question paper.
Candidates should answer the questions in English.
1. State four text wrap options that one may apply on graphics inserted all a word processing document. (4 marks)

2. Edith prepared a presentation with slide transition timings enabled. Explain two reasons for this. (4 marks)

3. Distinguish between a form and a report as used in databases. (4 marks)

4. Outline four characteristics of a relational database. (4 marks)

5. A company with several branches opted to use teleconferencing technology to conduct meetings of employees in all the branches. Explain two benefits that the company would achieve from this approach. (4 marks)

6. The following is an extract from a spreadsheet program used to determine the mean and remark of scores obtained in CATI and CAT2 tests. Use it to answer the question that follows.

A remark of “Pass” is assigned to a student who obtains an average of 17 and above and “Fail” if otherwise. State formulae that would be used to determine:

(a) the mean for Ann; (2 marks)

(b) remark for Ann. (2 marks)

7. Marion, a computer laboratory technician opted to install software with graphical user interface. Describe two components of the software that will make the user to efficiently interact with it. (4 marks)

8. A company prefers to use a system that is managed and controlled by a computer rather than a human being. Explain two reasons for this preference. (4 marks)

9. Explain two benefits of using blue tooth technology in data communication. (4 marks)

10. Kalingo company has opted to use an in-house developed payroll system. Explain two benefits that company may derive from this. (4 marks)

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