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Exam year;July 2011

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Information communication technology past papers
July 2011
Time: 3 hour
3 hours
You should have the following for examination:
Answer booklet .
Answer any five of the eight questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

This paper consists of 5 printed pages.
Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that all the
Pages are printed as indicated and that no question are missing.

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1. (a) (i) state two reasons for using binary number system in computer system.
(ii) Outline two contributions of Turing’s colossus in the historical development of computer
(iii) perform the following operation
I. Add 768 to 668
II. Convert F32616 to its binary equivalent
(b) (i) Distinguish between analog and digital computers
(ii) With the aid of a diagram, describe the fetch-execute cycle as used in computer
(c) Describe the working principle of touch screen as applied in computer
2. (a) Distinguish between a dumb and an intelligent terminal as used in computers giving an example
In each case .
(b) printers that combine three functionalities have become common in the market today. Explain
two advantages and disadvantage of this model of printers
(c) Define the following terms as used in computer system:


(d) (i) State two advantages of random file organization method.
(ii) Describe the following types of files giving an example in each case:
II. Reference.
(iii) Checkin is a new company which is in the process of installing computers to automate data storage. Explain four factors that would influence the choice of the file organization method for the company’s database.

3. (a) (i) Outline two disadvantages of DBMS other than cost and related costs of maintenance.
(ii)Explain three limitations of a conventional file system.
(b) (i) Explain the three offences defined by the computer Misuse Act of 1990.
(ii)Jamii system company Ltd has been faced with the problems of data and software loss in
The last four months. Explain two control measures the manager could apply to secure
the company’s data and software.
(c) with the aid of an example in each case, describe the following data processing modes:
4. (a) (i) State two advantages of using questionnaires during fact –finding.
(ii) Distinguish between data administration and database administration
(b) In a certain organization data processing is carried out by clerks using slide rule and tables. The transactions are recorded on source documents which are then passed to the data processing department
(i)Identify the type of processing being used at the company.
(ii) Describe three circumstances under which the type of processing identified in(i) will NOT be appropriate
(c) With the aid of diagram in each case ,describe three database models.
5. (a)(i) Explain the terms phishing as used in computer criminology
(ii) Femishing Computer stores data, information and applications in a magnetic tape.
Describe two physical security precautions the company would use to protect the contents in the storage medium.
(b) (ii) Describe each of the following management functions:
II. coordinating.
(ii) Outline four approaches that an organization would use to manage change
(c) State two disadvantages using purchasing to procuring information technology tools
(d)The Board of GOVERNOR in Market Technical College would influence the choice of the procurement method to use .
6. (a) Differentiate between system engineer and software developer as used in information
(ii) Describe three functions of a systems analyst in an organization
(b) (i)define the term fault management as used in system maintenance and support
(ii) Describe two performance measuring tools in a computer system
(c) Distinguish between preventive and scheduled maintenance
7. (a) Explain two purposes of carrying out audit of systems under development.
(b) With the aid of a diagram , describe mesh network topology .
(c)Describe three possible causes of an information system project failure.
(d)(i)Distinguish between expert and office automation system s.
(ii)Outline two features of transaction processing system.
8.(a)Describe each of the following management components of a decision support system.
(b) (i)With the aid of a diagram, describe three levels of management clearly showing the type of
Information system used in each level.
(ii) Explain two typical features of the information systems found in highest level of the
Diagram drawn in (i)
(c)Zek’s Company limited is in the process of redesigning its product and related packaging in
Order to meet expectation of the current market. Table 1 shows the activities undertaken with
Their corresponding numbers. Completion time in days is also given for each activity. Use it to answer the questions that follows

(i)draw a network analysis diagram to represent the information table 1
(ii) determine the critical path

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