Human Growth, Development And Community Health June/July 2014

Exam year;June/july 2014

Free knec college past papers

Knec social work and community development past papers
June/July 2014

SECTION A( 40 marks)
Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided.
1. State four theories of human growth and development. ( 4 marks)
2. Name three environmental factors that influence human growth and development
( 3 maks)
3. Give two important points to be noted when using positive reinforcement. ( 2 marks)
4. Outline two role s of the community in primary health care . (2 marks)
5. (a) Highlight three activities which can be undertaken to cater for the physically
in a community ( 3 marks)
(b) Give two basics advices to prevent obesity. ( 2 marks)

6. Outline four safety measures to bear in mind when constructing a house ( 4 marks)
7. State two elements of an attitude ( 2 marks)
8. List four sequential of seizures. ( 4 marks)
9. List three precautions to observe when dressing a wound. ( 3 marks)
10. Name three sub-divisions of the mind. ( 3 marks)
11. Outline two unique characteristics of the male child during the development stage 4-6 years
( 2 marks)
12. (a) Identify three aims of administering first aid on severe bleeding. ( 3 marks)
(b) Highlight three benefits of student leadership. ( 3 marks)

SECTION B ( 60 marks)
Answer ALL the questions from this section in the spaces provided.
13. (a) outline three dangers of punishment ( 3 marks)
(b) Describe six ideas that contemporary psychologists believe about human behavior ( 12 marks)
14. (a) (i) define the term ‘personality’. ( 2 marks)
(ii) Highlight four characteristics of personality disorders. ( 8 marks)
(b) Explain five areas in which adolescents have grater problems in personality
Development ( 5 marks)
15. ( a) explain five practices in moving and handling a casualty. ( 10 marks)
(b) Outline five techniques of infant resuscitation. ( 5 marks)
16. (a) Highlight five benefits of an ante-natal clinic. ( 5 marks)
(b) Outline five steps of administering First –aid to a child with severe bleeding with an Object embedded in the wound ( 10 mark)

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