Welding and fabrication course information, qualification and careers

Craft certificate in Welding and Fabrication

This is a 2 year KNEC course under technical vocational education and training(TVET) which aims to impact learners with hands on skills in fabrication of metals by cutting, bending and assembling.This course allows learners to learn how they can create various machines, parts and structures from various raw materials.Welding and fabrication has created millions of jobs in Kenya’s Jua kali industry, metal processing industries and building industries.Qualification to pursue craft certificate in welding and fabrication is a KCSE mean grade D(plain) or a pass in any relevant artisan course.

Welding and fabrication course outline

Craft certificate in welding and fabrication course units and codes

0106-211-Welding and fabrication trade practice

0106-212-Course work projects

0106-213-Welding and fabrication trade theory

0106-214-Applied geometry

0106-215-Support subjects


Welding and fabrication past paper