C.R.E PAPER 1 2006

1. (a) Give reasons why Christians read the bible ( 8 mks)

(b) With reference to the Genesis stories of creation in chapters 1 and 2, outline

the attributes of God ( 7 mks)

(c) What are the consequences of breaking taboos in traditional African

communities? ( 5 mks)

2. (a) State the problems that God made to Abraham ( 6 mks)

(b) What problems did Moses face as he led the Israelites during the exodus?( 10 mks)

(c) Give reasons why circumcision was important to the Jews ( 4 mks)

3. (a) Give reasons why the Israelites demanded for a king ( 8 mks)

(b) State the achievements of Solomon as King of Israel ( 6 mks)

(c) Identify the causes of power struggle in the church in Kenya today ( 6 mks)

4. (a) Explain the role of prophets in the Old Testament ( 6 mks)

(b) Give reasons why prophet Amos was against the way the Israelite’s worshiped God ( 10 mks)

(c) How does God reveal himself to Christians today? ( 4 mks)

5.  (a) Outline the problems that Nehemiah encountered in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. ( 10 mks)

(b) Identify the symbolic acts used by prophet Jeremiah to demonstrate God’s judgment and punishment to the Israelites.

(c)What lessons do Christians learn from prophet Jeremiah to teaching on the new covenant?

6. (a) Explain the importance of rituals performed during a naming ceremony in traditional African communities. ( 10 mks)

(b)Identify the moral values acquire during marriage in traditional African communities ( 5 mks)

(c)Why is death feared in traditional African communities? ( 5 mks)

C.R.E PAPER 2 2006

1. (a) Describe the visit of the angel of the Lord to the Shepherds on the night

Jesus was born. ( 7 mks)

  1. State the differences between the work of John the Baptist and that of Jesus Christ ( 8 mks)
  2. What lesson do Christians learn about family relationship from the incident when Jesus accompanied his parents for the Passover festival ( 5 mks)

2. (a) Outline the story of the raising of the widow’s son at Nain ( Luke 7: 11- 17) ( 8 mks)

(b) Identify ways through which the church continues with the healing ministry of

Jesus Christ ( 7 mks)

(c) Give the lessons that Christians learn from the transfiguration of Jesus.

(5 mks)

3. (a) Give reasons why Jesus used the parable of the lost son in his teaching

( 6 mks)

  1. Outline the preparations that Jesus made for the last supper.( Luke 22: 7- 14)

( 6 mks)

  1. Identify the reasons that made Judas Iscariot betray Jesus ( 8 mks)

4. (a) Identify the spiritual gifts taught by Saint Paul in early church( 6 mks)

  1. Explain how the use of the Holy Spirit brought disunity in the church at Corinth ( 8 mks)
  2. Outline the contribution of women in the church in Kenya today. ( 6 mks)

5. (a) What are the advantages of a monogamous marriage? ( 8 mks)

(b) State the factors that have led to the misuse of drugs in Kenya today( 7 mks)

(c) Give reasons why the church is involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS( 5 mks)

6. (a) State the rights of citizens in Kenya today ( 7 mks)

(b) Give reasons why Christians pay taxes to the government in Kenya( 5 mks)

(c) How is the church helping to reduce the rate of crime in Kenya?( 8 mks)