OCT./NOV. 2008


1 a) Give reasons why the Bible referred to as a Library. (5 mks)

b) Outline five effects of the translation of the Bible into local languages.

(10 mks)

c) State five ways through which the church is spreading the word of God in Kenya today. (5 mks)

2. a) Outline the activities carried out by the Israelites on the night of the

Passover. (5 mks)

b) Give five reasons why the exodus was important to the Israelites. (10mks)

c) How do Christians show their respect for God? (5mks)

3. a) Describe the contest between prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal at

Mount Carmel (1st Kings 18: 17-40) (7mks)

b) Give four conditions that made it difficult for prophet Elijah to stop

idolatry in Israel. (8mks)

c) Identify five qualities of prophet Elijah that a Christian leader should

possess. (5mks)

4 a) State three differences between prophets in the Old Testament and

traditional African communities. (6mks)

b) Outline the teaching of prophet Amos on social justice and responsibility.

c) How is the church promoting social justice in Kenya today? (6mks)

5. a) Explain the significance of the symbolic act of buying land by prophet

Jeremiah. (8 mks)

b) Outline the sufferings of prophet Jeremiah during his ministry. (7 mks)

c) State five ways in which Christians resolve conflicts among themselves

(5 mks)

6. a) Identify practices in traditional African communities that show their belief

in life after death. (8 mks)

b) State five ways in which Christians resolve conflicts among themselves.

(5 mks)

c) Identify the factors that are undermining the role of elders in Kenya today.

(6 mks)




Oct./ Nov. 2008

2 ½ hours

1. a) Outline the message of angel Gabriel to Mary in Luke 1: 26-38.

(6 mks)

b) Explain what the Magnificent reveals about the nature of God (8 mks)

c) Identify six qualities shown by Jesus when he accompanied his parents to the

Temple at the age of twelve (6 mks)

2. a) Describe the baptism of Jesus in river Jordan by John the Baptist in

Luke 3:21-22.

(5 mks)

b) Outline four teachings of John the Baptist. (8 mks)

c) Why Christians finding it difficult to apply the teachings of John the Baptist in

their lives today? (7 mks)

3. a) How did Jesus celebrate the last supper with his disciples? (7 mks)

b) Outline the lessons that Christians learn from the incident when Jesus went to pray with disciples on the Mount of Olives. (5 mks)

c) Give four reasons why the disciples found it difficult to believe that Jesus had resurrected. (8 mks)

4. a) Identify the fruit of the Holy spirit taught by Saint Paul in Galatians 5: 22-23.

(5 mks)

b) Explain what the teaching of Jesus about the vine and the branches in John

15:1-10 reveal about the unity of believers. (8 mks)

c) Give seven ways in which Christians prevent divisions in the church in Kenya

today. ( 7 mks)

5. a) Explain the factors that contribute to unemployment in Kenya today (7 mks)

b) Give eight causes of conflict between the employer and employees in Kenya.

(8 mks)

c) Discuss the role of a Christian during a strike. (4 mks)

6. a) Give six reasons why it is important to have laws in a country (6 mks)

b) Outline eight problems related to maintenance of law and order in Kenya today.

(8 mks)

c) Identify ways in which Christians in Kenya help those who have been released

(6 mks)