KNEC 2009 christian religious education past paper free

K.C.S.E C.R.E PAPER 1 2009

  1. (a) From the genesis stories of creation, outline seven teachings about human beings ( 7 mks)

(b) With reference to the story of the fall of human beings in Genesis 3, State

four effects of sin on Adam and Eve ( 8 mks)

(c) How does the church help to bring back members who have fallen from the faith? ( 5 mks)

2.    (a) Explain four characteristics of a covenant demonstrated in the covenant Between God and Abraham. ( 8 mks)

(b) Give seven similarities between the Jewish and traditional African Practice of circumcision ( 7 mks)

(c) Identify five lessons that Christians learn about God from the call of Abraham ( 5 mks)

3.     (a) State seven functions of the temple in The Jewish community ( 7 mks)

(b) Identify six ways which show that king Solomon turned away from the covenant way of life ( 6 mks)

(c) Give seven factors that have led to the increase of Christian denominations in Kenya today ( 7 mks)

4.     (a) Give four similarities between prophets in the Old Testament and traditional African communities. ( 8 mks)

(b) Outline five teachings of prophets Amos the remnant and restoration of the Israelite’s (Amos 9: 8 – 15) ( 5 mks)

(c) State the relevance of Prophet Amos teaching on election of Israel to Christians in Kenya today ( 7 mks)

5.      (a) State four promises that the Israelites made when they renewed their covenant with God during the time of Nehemiah ( Nehemiah 10: 28- 29)( 8 mks)

(b) Identify five final reforms carried out by Nehemiah to restore the Worship of God in Judah ( 5 mks)

(c) Write down seven problems that Christian leaders in Kenya face in their work today ( 7 mks)

6.      (a) Outline six rituals performed during the birth of a baby in traditional African communities ( 6 mks)

(b) Give six reasons why children are important in traditional African communities ( 6 mks)

(c) Explain four ways children are made responsible members in traditional African communities ( 8 mks)

K.C.S.E C.R. E PAPER 2 2009

  1. (a) Outline the describe of prophet Isaiah about the messiah ( 8 mks)

(b) State six activities that took place when Jesus was born (Luke 2: 6- 20) ( 6 mks)

(c) Explain the importance of singing in a Christian service ( 6 mks)

2 . (a) Describe the incident when Jesus was rejected at Nazareth. ( Luke 4: 16- 30) ( 7 mks)

(b) Give four reasons why Jesus faced opposition from the Pharisees in Galilee (Luke 5: 12- 6: 11) ( 8 mks)

(c) State five ways in church leaders can respond to those who oppose them in Their work ( 5 mks)

3.    (a) Identify five teachings that Jesus made to the guests at the Pharisees’ house (Luke 14: 1– 14) ( 5 mks)

(b) Give four reasons why Jesus used the parable of the great feast in his teachings (Luke 14: 15 – 24) ( 8 mks)

(c) Write down seven reasons why Christians take part in the Lord’s Supper( 7 mks)

4.   (a) Give seven reasons why Jesus sent the holy Spirit to the disciples after his ascension ( 7 mks)

(b) Identify four teachings of Saint Paul on the similarities between the church and husband – wife relationship (Ephesians 5: 21- 32). ( 8 mks)

(c) State five ways in which Christians are able to identify those who posses the gifts of the holy spirit ( 5 mks)

5.  (a) Outline eight Christians teachings on work ( 8 mks)

(b) State the role of professionals ethics in a work place ( 6 mks)

(c) Identify six way sin which the church is helping to reduce the rate of unemployment in Kenya today ( 6 mks)

6.   (a) Explain four negative effects of the introduction of money economy on traditional African Communities ( 8 mks)

(b) Outline six x teaching of Jesus on wealth (6 mks)

(c) Give six reasons why Christians should not involve themselves in gambling (6 mks)