Paper 3

Imaginative composition and composition based

On sets texts)

Oct/Nov 2007

2 ½ hours

  1. Imaginative Composition (compulsory) ( 20 mks)


  • Write a composition beginning with the following sentence:

When I left home that bright Sunday afternoon, I did not realize  that the events of the next  few  days  would completely change  my life.


  • Write a story to illustrate the saying

“Experience is the best teacher.”

  1. The compulsory set text ( 20 mks)

Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, Coming to Birth

Using the story of Martin and Paulina, write an essay on how intolerance and suspicion can  ruin relationships.                           ( 20 mks)

  1. The optional set texts

Answer any one of the following  three questions


(a) The short story

Macmillan (ed) Half a day and other stories

Drawing your illustrations from the life of Mme Lady in Wangui  wa Goro’s “

Heaven and Earth” write an essay  on the saying “ all that glitters is not gold.”


(b) Drama

John Ruganda, Shreds of tenderness

Illustrations your answer with examples from Shreds  of Tenderness, write  an essay  entitled:

“The effects of coups d’etat”


(c) The Novel

Velma Pollard, Homestretch

Write an essay illustrating the following saying. “In love, all is well that ends well: refer to Homestretch for your examples.

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