Management accounting May 2019 past paper applies for the following KASNEB course(s):

CPA part 1 section 2

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MICROSOFT ACCESS. Ms-Access is a Window-based program used to manage information, which is in form of databases. It helps in storing information about different subjects in separate tables. It also enables the user to add and edit records, sort, query and also print records. Note.  Ms-Access can be installed as a stand-alone program, but it
MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Microsoft PowerPoint is a graphics presentation program.  It can be used for designing presentations quickly. PRESENTATIONS. PowerPoint is most useful for creating formal presentations. PowerPoint can help you produce professional looking presentations that can be printed on OHP transparencies, viewed on a computer display or produced as a slide, together with printed notes
SPREADSHEETS. Definition of a Spreadsheet. A Spreadsheet is a ledger sheet that lets the user enter, edit, and manipulate numerical data. A Spreadsheet usually consists of a series of rows & columns in which data entries can be made. Types of Spreadsheets: There are 2 types of spreadsheets: Manual spreadsheet: A Manual spreadsheet is ledger
MICROSOFT WORD It is a Word processing program.  It helps in creating professional-looking documents that can be printed, e.g., letters, reports, memos, essays, projects, books, etc,. More about Ms-Word. Microsoft Word is one of the components of Microsoft Office.  Microsoft Office is an integrated software with a number of interrelated programs, which include; Microsoft Word,
NETWORKING AND DATA COMMUNICATION Definition of terms used in Networking Network A Network can be defined as a collection of independent entities that are arranged in such a manner as to exchange data, information or resources. Examples of networks: Road network: – this is the interconnection of roads in a country, continent or throughout the
MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) Introduction. DOS was the main OS for Intel-based PCs from 1980 – 1995.  It is supplied by Microsoft Corporation for use on IBM PC compatible computers or ‘Clones’. DOS is a single-user, single-tasking OS that is disk-based & controls your computer & the devices connected to it. It provides the
INTERNET. Why Study about the Internet? To understand what the Internet is, the services that it offers, what is required in order to get connected, as well as to establish a connection and log out of the Internet. What is the Internet? It is a large no. of connected computers (or a large set of
INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS. Definition of a Computer: A Computer is an electronic device that operates (works) under the control of programs stored in its own memory unit. A computer is an electronic machine that processes raw data to give information as output. An electronic device that accepts data as input, and transforms it under the
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