Agriculture form 1 to 4 simplified Notes

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Book Name:Agriculture form 1 to 4 simplified Notes




When it comes to Agriculture,you need a companion that can take you through the journey.Simplified Notes Agriculture form 1 to form 4 contains all the possible questions that can be examined.

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Importance of Agriculture to the Economy of Kenya

 Provides food to the population to meet nutritional requirements and to enable man
to engage in other activities of farming.
 Provides employment. This for example can be direct as a labourer in the farm, tea
plucker or indirect for example, working in agricultural based industries.
 Source of raw materials for industries for example cotton lint for textile industry.
 Provides foreign exchange – through exporting agricultural produce.
 Provides market for industrial goods agriculture is a consumer of the finished
goods from agro-based industries.
 Source of income – farmers as well as the government get revenue from the sale of
agricultural produce and tax payment.



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