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This product will give you access to all resources in will be able to access the following resources when you purchase this product:

  1. KNEC college past papers
  2. Primary schools & Kindergarten past papers and notes
  3. High School Past papers and notes
  4. KASNEB past papers and notes.
  5. ECDE and PTE past papers and notes(DTE)

We have considered to sell on usage basis because traffic in our site has skyrocketed and caused disturbance in our hosting providers servers.The small amount is to cater for hosting and content research.Thank you for understanding.

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Description is Kenya’s #1 online resource for Education resources for all Education levels.Our site launched in 2016 and has since grown in resources and user base.Most users trust our resources because they are up to date and authentic.Our idea to introduce usage fee is based on sustainability.Starting at a small fee of ksh 50 per month,you will help us sustain the website.Thank you.


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