Management Accounting CPA revision notes


This notes are prepared by qualified lecturers with many years experience in teaching and Examining Public finance and taxation in various universities in  Kenya and other countries.While other sellers focuses on sales,we focus much on quality,affordability and effectiveness.We know what it means to pass a KASNEB exam and that is the reason we have spent so much time compiling notes that we know are helpful to KASNEB students.

When you purchase this notes,you will receive a pdf copy containing the following Managerial accounting course units.


  1. Nature and purpose of cost and management accounting
  2. Cost classification
  3. Cost estimation
  4. Cost accumulation
  5. Cost bookkeeping
  6. Costing methods.
  7. Marginal and absorption costing.
  8. Budgeting and budgetary control
  9. Standard costing
  10. Cost management.
  11. Overview of Performance Measurement.

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Management accounting revision notes for students currently on their part 1 section 2(CA-22) of their CPA study.This notes have been prepared with student’s requirements in mind.We have included all the managerial accounting topics and sub-topics while making it easier for students to understand and digest its contents.we have also made sure that the notes covers examinable contents so you may find worth in what you are purchasing.

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