Microsoft power point notes for computer packages


Microsoft power point presentation notes contains the following topics:

  • Definition and general introduction to Microsoft powerpoint and presentation
  • Starting Microsoft power point
  • Creating a PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Creating a Blank Presentation.
  • Adding other Slides to a Presentation.
  • Saving a Presentation.
  • Saving a presentation in HTML format.
  • Inserting a Chart
  • Working with the Datasheet.
  • Changing and Formatting a Chart
  • Inserting ClipArt pictures in a Presentation
  • Inserting a scanned picture
  • Editing the Picture.
  • Cropping the Picture
  • Inserting a Microsoft Word Table
  • Inserting Drawing Objects
  • Grouping or Ungrouping Objects.
  • Animating Slide Text and Objects
  • Creating a Slide Show
  • Entering Speaker Notes
  • Using the Slide Master.
  • Inserting Headers and Footers.
  • Organization Charts
  • Create an Organization Chart
  • Edit Organization Charts.
  • Formatting an Organization Chart
  • Exit Microsoft Organization Chart
  • Printing a presentation
  • Characteristics of an Effective presentation
  • Creating an Effective Presentation
  • Preparing the Presentation
  • Executing the Presentation
  • Using the Pack and Go wizard
  • Unpacking a Presentation.


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